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November Already?!?!

Things are great here! Since I havent updated since the Summer–I thought I should do a little catch up! Isabella and Landry are going to preschool 2 days a week where they went last year! They love their teacher so much this year too! They do the most precious art projects and work sheets –and I just love picking them up and looking through all of their stuff! Then they like to go to the gas station on the way back to work and get treats!! They are both playing soccer for the 1st time. When they played tball this summer they were on the same team–but boys and girls are not on the same team in soccer! Isabella’s teams soccer shirts are white and black–so we call them the Zebras!! We have a great team and they have so much fun! Her last game is tomorrow night–and she is sad that the season is over! Landrys team has blue shirts but we never came up with a name for his team (besides the actual name–Columbus Motor)  He has a few more games–he hustles really well and hes made several goals!! It has been so fun!

Halloween was great! Isabella was The Statue of Liberty and Landry was Uncle Sam! They were adorable!! We went to several trunk or treats at our church and some of our friends churches! We also participated in the Boo Parade downtown on Halloween morning and they got their picture made for the paper–it was such a cute picture! We were so excited!!

They are looking forward to Christmas and their bday already! This year they want their party to be themed Monster Trucks and Baby Dolls–which is exactly what they are in to!! Landry LOVES monster trucks, playing make believe, playing any kind of ball outside, riding his bike, being read to, and doing art! Isabella loves all things girly–jewelry, clothes, makeup, running errands with me, art, dolls and barbies, playing library, and swinging!! 

They are such blessings and are soo precious. Happy Fall!

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Summer Update

I am so far behind on updates that I dont even know where to start! We have had a fantastic summer! We have been on several fun trips, spent lots of time in the pool, had a great 4th, been to art camp, VBS, and swimming lessons! On Father’s Day–we went with my family to Destin–it was perfect! The waves were bigger than I have ever seen them –the water was clear–the weather was perfect! We had fun jumping waves, hunting for crabs and sand fleas (they are so interesting), eating out, building sandcastles, riding Go Karts and bumper cars, and just spending time together! For the 4th–we went with my family again to The Grand Resort in Fairhope, AL–it was perfect! The pool and waterslide were amazing–they had more activities than you could possibly go to from make your own firweworks, tie dye your own t shirts, decorate your own flip flops, hoola hoop contests, fireworks, parades, –i could go on and on! We went sailing, rented bikes and rode them in front of amazing antebellum houses on the bay, watched fireworks, swam, ate too much—it was so fun! We left there and went to Louisiana to visit a friend of ours–we rode a horse and carriage and spent the day in New Orleans, hung out and swam with friends, and went on a Swamp Tour! That was soo cool! We LOVED it! We are back home now and back to the real world—working and campaigning (Sam is running for Superintendent of Lowndes County Schools)
Landry is a champion swimmer–He loves it and I am amazed at how well he swims! Isabella doesnt know how to swim –but as long as she has on her floaties–she is just fine in the pool! Landry also learned to ride a bike with no training wheels this summer! He honestly still rides the bike with training wheels more because we havent done well at practicing with his “no training wheels” bike–but he can really go on his “Big Boy” bike—we just need to do it more often! Isabella loves to draw and write letters and words–she is always asking how to spell things so she can write it! It is so amazing to see their different interests and strong areas come out as they grow!
We have had a wonderful summer so far–can not believe how fast it has flown by!
Isabella and Landry are so much fun! They just love each other and have the most amazing bond! They say the funniest things. Time–slow down! 1 more year and these babies will start kindergarten! Hope you have all had a fabulous summer too!

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Time for an update on my “babies”  We are doing great! Isabella and Landry are loving preschool! Their teacher is precious, and I love hearing them talk about their friends! There is a total of 8 in their class! The art projects they bring home are adorable! Its precious at night when they tell me what they want me to pack for their lunch!  They are both very particular about their stuff! 

They are also playing t-ball! They play for the Red Sox! We got their adorable uniforms this week! They both really enjoy the practices! Games start in a couple of weeks! We went back and forth as to if they were too young to play–but since this is the only year it is co-ed–we chose to go for it! Isabella is kind of shy sometimes–and only sometimes? but i just knew she may never play by herself so I thought this would be the year to go for it!!

We have been at home for a couple of days because they both have strep throat! We missed their very 1st school pictures today! And pet day was today—we were going to take Sam’s mom’s new 1 pound puppy named Bitty! We will just have take it next week now! My kids LOVE this puppy–even Isabella who for some reason has a fear of all dogs!

Isabella is really into art these days! She loves coloring and drawing–and to be honest she is very talented! She says she wants to be an artist when she grows up! Yesterday someone said something about when she grows up –and I said she is going to be an artist! Isabella said, “Well actually I dont know for sure–I still have plenty of time to decide!” Landry doesnt know what he wants to do–but he thinks it will involve fighting fires, playing ball, and driving construction vehicles! He is all boy! It is amazing how my kids are so much alike and so different! ALL boy and ALL girl!  Isabella loves playing babies, paper dolls, artsy stuff, having her nails polished, picking out clothes and accessories, must have a bow in her hair at all times, and watching (as she says) “girlish” stuff on tv! Landry is totally into balls, all sports, building stuff, his collection of stuffed puppies and his  “tshirt collection” He collects all kinds of tshirts — has them in a drawer– and wants to show everyone that comes over his collection –and is all the time in there picking ones to put on! He loves trains, cars, and playing with all of his construction vehicles! So as you see –they are totally different and then they are totally alike in many more ways! They have a bond like I have never seen and I am so thankful for it! They watch out for each other. They love the same shows on tv–Wild Kratts, Curious George, Bubble Guppies, Chuggington, Thomas, Clifford, and Max and Ruby! They love tv, being read to, playing school, playing veterinarian, and playing outside!!

Landry got sick with strep the day before Isabella–therefore he went to the dr 1st! So he knew when he heard Isabella was going to the dr that a shot was coming her way! He is so precious–he came into the room where I was–he was crying–and said “Mama-you know my Bella doesnt like shots–you know she doesnt like them! I just cant see her getting one–please dont make her go!” He is very protective of her! 

A few weeks ago we were talking about how good they both can swing on the swingset (push themselves) I said —where did yall learn to swing so good? Isabella said, “I watched the girls at school and taught myself” Landry said, “I watched my Bella and she taught me. My Bella is such a good teacher!”

Isabella and Landry get to be in a wedding this summer and we are soo excited! It has been fun hearing them talk about the wedding! I wish I could remember all of the funny stuff they say–I will have to post more often–because unfortunately I cant remember from day to day all of these precious details!!

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December/January Update!!

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Isabella and Landry turned 4 on the 27th of December! They had a fabulous birthday! At the beginning of December, we took them to Build-A-Bear! They loved it! They both made a reindeer! Then we had their actual party on the 9th of December at Jumpin’ Gs! Lots of their friends came! It was a great party–The theme was Castles and Construction! It was fun to have a boy and girl themed party all in 1! Their actual birthday fell on a Monday so I was off that day and Sam was still off for Christmas break–so we got to go to Tupelo as a family and go to Chuck E Cheese! They loved that too! They felt so special and loved and received so many gifts! On the way to Tupelo I heard Landry say to Isabella–“We are so lucky”  It was priceless!

They really enjoyed the snow on Christmas Day and the snow we had after that! They LOVED playing in the snow!! We sledded down hills—they both liked that! Isabella loved throwing snow balls and Landry loved riding his gator in the snow! They both liked making snow angels! Neither really liked riding behind the 4 wheeler on the sled!

They are at such a fun age! They love being read too. They both love doing art projects. Love watching Curious George, Caillou, Clifford, Thomas (the talking one), Dora and Diego, and Isabella likes Toddlers and Tiaras!  They ask such serious questions and want everything explained to them in full detail! Isabella is as girly as ever and Landry is all boy! He loves balls, trucks, trains, etc and she loves babies, clothes, barbie, and polly pockets. I love how Landry laughs out loud when he watches tv. I love how Isabella loves the little girl mannequin at Old Navy. She always puts her arm around her and wants their picture made! I love watching them during bathtime. When they think Im not watching they act like they are playing “celebration ball and wedding” (thats what they call it) and they reinact scenes from Beauty and the Beast.  They are hilarious! They get along amazingly well!

They enjoy school and love their friends! They love going to birthday parties and helping me wraps the gifts for them! They also love checking books out from the library. I love watching how they treat these books so carefully!

Favorite foods for Landry are honey nut cheerios, waffles, vegetable soup, REECES CUPS are his favorite, coke, all fruit, corn souffle, sour peanuts, oatmeal — and Isabellas favorites: all fruit, plain cheerios, chicken tenders, any kind of meat, cake with no icing, plain m&ms, sour peanuts, reeces cups, ham sandwiches, vegetable soup and cornbread!   

Well, just wanted to update so I can remember all of these details in the months to come!! Hope you are all doing great! Happy New Year!!

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I just love reading everyones’ blogs –both people I know and perfect strangers–but for some reason always forget to update ours!! I have all of these funny things my kids say written on random post its around the house! Unfortunately most of the funny stuff they say I can not even remember until I get to the paper and pen! Isabella and Landry are such a joy and blessing! They keep me smiling all day long! As I always say–where does the time go?? They will be 4 in December–so we are gearing up for their big birthday party! They love going to birthday parties and buying gifts for people–so I think they will REALLY enjoy their birthday this year!

They had a great Halloween–they were Jesse and Woody! Absloutely precious!!  I have 3 memory sticks of pictures full–one of these days those pictures will make it to the computer –that will probably be the day I get their baby books written in!!

Favorites these days are Curious George and Caillou! Sam can not stand for them to watch “whiny” Caillou! We DVR it everyday and Sam deletes it every night!! We have also started letting them watch a couple of movies–they liked Toy Story! They LOVE preschool! Their teacher is absolutely precious! They play, have group time, snack, art, go outside, lunch, and nap! I can not wait to pick them up! I watch the clock until time to leave work and get them! They still go with me to work when they are not at school– and it still works great!~ They love Holidays! They get all into decorating for Holidays, buying treats for people, and baking cookies! They also love the library–we try to go to all of the local activities they have at our library that we can go to–At the library and occasionally at work they get to play on the computer and they LOVE this! Its a habit that I am not wanting to start! They love playing outside! 

Now just something I like to remember–you can skip this part–their favorite foods these days are: Landry loves waffles, cookie dough, reeces cups, vegetable soup, all fruit, chicken salad, m&ms(both kinds), corn souffle, popsicles, hamburgers, and will try anything!! Isabella is still a little more picky and only likes what she likes but she eats very healthy! Her favorites include: cheerios, all fruit, cookie dough, reeces cups, plain m&ms, vegetable soup and cornbread, fried porkchops, chicken nuggets, and hamburgers! Isabella also is so interested in soccer and LOVES swinging! She is finally potty trained–she is so funny–when she has to go she says, “Mama–you know” and thats all she says! Its hilarious-she doesnt say she has to go to the bathroom–just you know!  

I am sure there is so much more to update on –but the busiest time of year is here and I need to get off of the computer and get a few things done before bed (being that its already midnight! ha!) Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sayings I want to remember!

My sweet “babies” started preschool 2 days a week! They have been sooo excited about it for months–we always play school and they love it! However, Monday night when they were laying in their beds and they knew the next morning they would be starting school– they had this conversation (as I stood outside their door with tears in my eyes):

Isabella–“Brother I didnt know tomorrow was going to be the day we start school–do you want to go? Because I dont!”

Landry–“Its ok Bella–you can stay at MeMe’s if you want.” (Sam’s mom)

Isabella–“Im nervous”

Landry–“Im nervous too!”

Oh.My.Word! They were making me so sad—the next morning they were sooo nervous and told me they didnt want to go! We got there and they went right in their room (Landry quicker then Isabella) and did not even cry! I was the only one crying that day! They loved it and had the best day!

This morning we had this conversation:

Isabella woke up and said “Where are we going today?”

 I said: “Where do you want to go?”

Isabella said:”Are we going to school?”

I said:”Today you go with me to work and then tomorrow you go to school”

Isabella said:”So I go to Fashion Barn, home, bed, school”

Landry woke up and said:”Where are we going today?”

I said:”Where do you want to go?”

Landry said:”Slip n Dip” (a local swimming place—totally not what Iexpected)

Tonight at church their teacher told me  that she was asking them things they were afraid of–she said no one in the room would say anything—the teacher said so no one is afraid of anything? She said Isabella said, No because Jesus is with is whereever we go!” (Yay!!! She has been listening!)

Landry has a tiger pillow that says “Jesus is wild about me”  My mom asked him what it said and he said, “Jesus is wild like me”

This morning Isabella was sitting in the recliner with a stuffed animal and sippy cup—I said “Can Landry and I sit with you or do we need to sit on the couch?” She said–“On the couch because this is my recipe for fun!” (Not sure what that meant but thought it was  so cute)

We had been out of town for several days and then my parents were out of town for several days—Isabella and I stopped by their house to see them for the !st time in over a week and my mom said, “Isabella–you have grown a foot!” Isabella stopped and quickly looked down at her feet! She thought she had really grown another foot!

We were riding down the road the other day and Landry said, “Mama turn right when you get to this church” And that was correct! How did he know that?

The other night at a restaurant Isabella put a fork up by Sams forehead and told him he looked like a Picasso Head! How does she know about Picasso?

I just had to put down a few of their funny sayings before I forgot them!

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Update for the baby books!

It has been a long time since I posted, but things here are great! We have been staying super busy! Isabella and Landry are doing great! We pulled out old home videos the other day–they LOVED watching themselves and asked tons of questions while watching! Isabella especially enjoyed them! She wants to watch them all of the time now!

We went to the beach with my family for Father’s Day! We had a perfect time! The weather was great and the oil wasnt really there yet! Landry heard us talking about the oil so much that he was so concerned about it! On the days leading up to our trip, he asked me a hundred times if the men had the oil cleaned up yet! They both LOVED the sand this year which is quite a change this year for Isabella! Last year, she wouldnt a step a foot in it! They loved swimming at the pool, playing in the sand, pushing the luggage carts to our room and back downstairs a hundred times, sitting on the balcony, and looking for crabs (especially Landry) They both liked the ocean and waves, but neither of them just LOVED getting in the ocean! They are both very good travelers–we take tons of books, snacks, color wonder, etc and they are totally content! (Thank goodness) Our last 2 tvs for the car broke, so we bought another one for these summer trips–they got so excited when they got in the car and saw tvs! Isabella even walked by our car one day at the condo –and she wanted to stop and peek in our car to make sure the tvs were still there! 

We have the best time with them! They are so funny and ask so many questions! It is truly amazing! Isabella asked me just the other day what God looked like! Who can help me explain that to a 3 year old?

We had a fabulous 4th! They LOVE fireworks–especially sparklers (sometimes called sprinklers) We went to visit some friends in Hattiesburg–we ate and ate, went swimming, did sidewalk chalk, “Just Dance” on Wii (funnest ever), rode scooters, fireworks, and stayed up late every night! We had a ball spending time with our sweet friends and relaxing with our family! 

Favorites these days include: all stuffed animals (both of my kids LOVE stuffed animals), playing outside,  puzzles, markers and coloring and painting, baking and decorating cookies, riding toys (bikes, Gators, etc) sidewalk chalk, bubbles, books, playdough, playing school and dr, playing on the swing set         Isabella loves all things girly:barbies, baby dolls, putting stuff in her purses, dressing up and dancing, she also LOVES running. It is adorable–she will say things like–Lets go in the big yard so I can run a long way! She also loves birds. It is precious–she is always spotting birds!    Landry of course loves trucks, anykind of ball, dogs, digging in the dirt, and helping Sam with anykind of yard project! 

They both love watching Caillou (he is so whiny though that we can only handle him in small doses), Dora, Diego, Hip Hop Harry, Max and Ruby, Curious George, and all Leap Frog videos.

I LOVE reading to my kids and they love it too! We have a huge collection of childrens books but are always looking for more! I would love for any of you to comment and tell me what books you or your kids love! Hope you are all having a great summer!

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Music to My Ears!

Proverbs 31:28 Her children arise and call her blessed! Lets clarify–I am in no way calling myself the Proverbs 31 woman! But in honor of Mother’s Day week–I wanted to remind myself and share with you how precious my children are! They know my “Love Language” is Words of Affirmation because I have got the 2 sweetest talking kids ever! They take the words of this Bible verse literal! I can not tell you how many times a day Landry comes up to me, puts his arms around my neck and says, “you’re pretty, wonderful, and you’re a princess!” Exact quote! And it is just so precious to hear him say that! He always has a precious smile and sparkle in his eyes when he says it too–like it’s the 1st time he has ever said it! And all of the time, Isabella tells me, “Mama–You’re Beautiful” Of course this has nothing to do with how I look–it is their way of telling me that they love me! Isabella often times hugs her baby doll and says, “She fits perfectly in my arms and I fit perfectly in yours!” These are not things that I have taught them to say–but it is truly an honor to know that they feel free to show their emotions to me in such an incredible way!

Landry is so thankful–everytime I give him anything –he says, “Oh–Tanks Mama!” I love the way he says “Tanks” Or if we are in a store and he gets a new toothbrush and some candy–he says things like–“I get them  both? Tanks Mama!” Or even if it is a treat like a new ball and a necessity like new vitamins, he says the same thing! And Isabella says, “Ive wanted this forever!” Showing their love and gratitude in such an unfiltered way is how I strive to be! What a gift that they are able to do this already! The older we get, we seem to loose it! I can only imagine how God would feel if we expressed our love and gratitude to him in this way daily!

So in honor of Mother’s Day–I wanted to share how thankful I am! I am thankful that I have such a wonderful, Godly mother. She taught us generosity and compassion, and I hope I am able to pass these things down to my children! She is also a wonderful grandparent. She is so loving, caring, interested, fair, and fun! I could not ask for a better mother! I also have a fabulous mother in law. She is so good to me and treats me just like I am her daughter! I am so blessed! I do pray that I will be a wonderful, energetic, compassionate mother!

Prayers and blessings to all of you that have been mothers for 80 years and to all of you that are still waiting! God has enormous plans for you too! Sam and I waited many many years for our little blessings and God truly gave us more than we could have asked for or imagined! So be encouraged–your time will come and your little blessing will have been so worth the wait! Until then, I know you are being a great example to people around you whether it be church member, coworker, or neighbor!

So whether you are a new mom or been a mom for what seems like forever–happy mothers day to you! During the temper tantrums, dirty diapers ,dirty dishes, and busy schedules–may we all see the ways that our children are “rising up and calling us blessed!”

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Easter Memories!

We had a fabulous Easter! I took tons of pictures and did lots of videoing! Maybe one day some pictures will make it on here! We started out on Thursday at an egg hunt with friends! It was here that I noticed Isabella passing over certain eggs! I started saying, Isabella–you passed one! Isabella pick up that big orange one!. . . etc” She kept saying no! I then walked over to her basket only to realize that she was only picking up pink and purple eggs!  She would not pick up anything else! She did not care about how many eggs she had as long as they were pink or purple! This continued all weekend at all of the other egg hunts! Landry even knew what she was doing so he picked up one that was 1 /2 purple and 1/2 yellow and tossed it in her basket trying to help her out! She rudely grabbed it out and threw it! She is hilarious!

Also this weekend, when we gave them their Easter presents–Isabella said to me, “Mama–did you get this at WalMart?” I told her that I did. She said,” Did you see this and say Ive got to get this for my girl?” She knows me too well! Landry was so cute this weekend too–I left some of the lights in the house on near where Isabella was still sleeping—Landry got up and ran to cut them off and said, “Mama cut the lights off–Isabella needs her rest!”

We also bought them some fishing poles this weekend. Sam took them fishing on Friday and Saturday! They loved it and caught several fish each! Landry even said that the fish must be hungry and threw the entire cricket bucket in the pond!  These kiddos keep us laughing!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I love Spring! I know when Fall comes and when Christmas comes–I say that is the most wonderful time of year too! But there is just something about all of these gorgeous spring flowers coming up in our front flower bed, the warm sunshine, birds chirping, spring clothes (ive gone nuts this season buying them for my babies), cadbury eggs, my birthday, Easter, and daylight savings time! Love it! We have had a fabulous week too! It is Sam’s Spring Break and I managed to get a couple of days off too! We have had some fun! We went to Birmingham to visit old friends and we went to the Tupleo Buffalo Park and Zoo! We had a ball on both trips! We had never been to the Buffalo Park and we loved it! There were pony rides, a petting zoo, huge playground, and a bus ride to feed the zebra, buffalo, and the camel named Joe! It was a very hands-on place! Sam had the camel and buffalo literally eating out of his hands! I was digging in my bag for the clorox wipes while trying to video and take pictures of the whole experience!  One of the funniest parts to me was that they really have an animal called a ZeeDonk! It is a cross between a Zebra and Donkey! I think I have seen it all now!

Isabella and Landry are doing great! They are hilarious! I can not even remember all of the funny stuff they say long enough to write it all down! They have loved being at home with Sam this week! They have been playing t ball in the front yard, riding their gators and bikes, playing in the sandbox, putting up birdhouses, getting ready to plant a garden, reading, and playing school! Sam took them to Story Hour this week at the library and they got to participate in Show and Tell for the 1st time! Isabella took her Hello Kitty and Landry took his CharlieBrown (stuffed brown dog that he LOVES) Sam recorded it on his phone for me because I was at work–they were precious!

Just a few funny sayings from the past week:

Isabella was looking at a painting the other day of “girly” stuff with the saying Sugar and Spice and everything nice–thats what little girls are made of! And Landry said–I want a boy painting with Spiderman on it! And Isabella said, “Boys are not made of Spiderman—ya’ll are snails and shells and puppydog tails!” I have no idea how she knew that! Also on the way to the hotel in Birmingham–Landry kept calling it the Show-n-Tell! Are we almost to the Show N Tell? Do we really get to jump on the bed at the Show N Tell? Isabella corrected him and said, “It is called a hotel brother!”

Also this is just a side note so I will remember—Landry always wants to eat oatmeal but calls it yogurt! Somehow we know what he is talking about! Isabella wants bacon for breakfast but calls it ham! Landry orders a wrap at Mexican restaurants, but we know he means soft taco with just beef and cheese!

Favorite foods right now: Isabella—vegetable soup, rolls, cornbread, black eyed peas, club crackers (still just wants 3 at a time) bacon, sausage, cheerios, grapes, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, spaghetti, reeces peanut butter eggs, chips at the mexican restaurant, and grilled or fried chicken, hamburgers, french fries, cantaloupe, watermelon and has actually started drinking something besides just water–she will drink applejuice too!

Landry—cheerios, waffles, eggs, corn souffle, vegetable soup, rolls, cornbread, red beans and rice, macaroni and cheese, corn, all fruits are the same as Isabellas, any thing we will let him have a sip of (coke, tea, water, milk, rootbeer, diet drinks–not picky when it come to liquids!  dont worry–we dont let him have these–just sips of ours!) hamburgers, french fries, reeces peanut butter eggs, popsicles, chicken tenders, peas, and oatmeal! Landry is not near as picky as Isabella–she will really not eat sweets—just mainly the peanut butter eggs and m&ms—Landry loves all sweets! Oh–and they both love chocolate chip cookie dough! They love eating it and baking cookies!

Sorry–this got kind of lengthy–just trying to get it down so I will remember it all! Have a fabulous week!

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