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Christmas and 3 years old!

We had such a fun Christmas! Isabella and Landry LOVED everything about it! They loved the parties, good food and fun treats, giving and of course receiving gifts, decorations, looking at lights, decorating cookies, etc! I loved watching them enjoy all of these things, hearing how excited they were about everything, cuddling up on the couch every night and watching a movie (Charlie Browns Christmas, Twas the Night before Christmas, Flinstones Christmas, etc)  Checking my mail after work everyday was also one of my favorite parts! I love Christmas cards and have them hanging all around our doors and am in NO hurry to take them down or to take down our decorations!

And today my babies turned 3! They had their party early, but birthdays are big deals around here so we have pretty much celebrated off and on the whole month! They got to pick where they wanted to have their birthday lunch today and of course they picked Mi Haciendo! Or as they call it–“Haciendo”  I knew they would pick that or “Old McDonalds” as they call it! Between both of their Christmas and both of their birthdays we have so many toys in this house that you can barely walk! And the funny part is that Sam and I do not really go crazy at Christmas buying gifts—but we have fabulous families that live in town that do! From our garage to our dining room to our living room to our playroom–we have a beauty shop, train, cars and trucks, lots of educational toys (books, movies, cards, games, etc) a  twins double stroller, baby highchair, carseat, pack n play, etc, cleaning trolley, sand box, art supplies, new bikes and helmets –and then for their birthdays they each got a scooter and Landry got a Gator and Isabella got a Princess SUV riding toys! We are set for the next few years! They have been going from toy to toy and having a ball! Isabella is so funny. Bless her heart, she learned very quickly what would happen if you asked can you have another gift! On the way to each party, she would say, “Now brother-you dont ask for presents—if you do–they get taken away!”

They LOVE their birthday! I can not tell you how many times today they have been sang to together and separately!

Jus some updates (so I can keep up with things)  Curious George is the favorite tv show for both of them right now—They also both like Sid the Science Kid and Cat in the Hat and Landry loves Diego and Dinasour Train! Isabella loves all things girly—Thumbelina, Angelina Ballerina, Madeline, Barbie as Rapunzel, Barbie and The Nutcracker, etc! She loves Club Crackers—I can not tell you how many she eats a day–it is my #1 question for their dr at their well baby checkup—she eats so many it concerns me! She also loves plain Cheerios and Landry loves Honey Nut Cheerios! But neither child likes milk–they eat them plain!  They call them Bella’s kind and Brother’s kind! She loves plain hamburgers and he loves plain cheeseburgers. It is funny how they are soo much alike, yet soo different! She has started drinking something besides water–she started liking applejuice out of nowhere! Landry loves sweets and would eat as much as we would let him!  His favorite foods are sweets especially chocolate, Corn Souffle, Chicken Salad, bananas, honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon (these cost a fortune this time of year but you hate to not buy them for them) icecream, plain cheeseburgers, and chips and salsa and either tacos or refried beans! Isabella’s favorites include: Club crackers,  cheerios, vegetable soup, black eyed peas, club crackers, all of the friuts mentioned for Landry plus apples for her, club crackers, grilled chicken, and chips-not salsa! Oh–she also loves sweettarts!

They both love being read to (especially Isabella) and they both love painting, coloring, and playdough!

They went to see their 1st movie last weekend! Princess and the Frog–kind of scary for their 1st–and what is funny is I have been waiting or at least 6 months watching for a G rated movie that did not look weird or scary in the least bit! The previews obviously did not include the voodoo parts! As soon as the previews started–both babies started screaming so loud that we had to take them out! Sam managed to get Isabella back in after the movie started and I got Landry in the door of the theatre—we got to where you could see the screen and sat in the floor! He finally got warmed up to it, and we got to go sit on our seats! It was an experience! We actually had a great time though! It cost $28 dollars to get in and about $30 for the food! We were obviously determined to stay until the end! Needless to say–we will probably wait a little while before going back to the movies! Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


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