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Presents’ Day!

On Monday, when Isabella woke up–Sam told her it was President’s Day but since it sounded like Presents’ Day–she should be able to get a present! I was off of work on Monday so as soon as Sam got home—we had a family day! We went out to eat– and then went to a couple of different stores so Isabella and Landry could get a couple of small presents! They each got a new book and then each got to choose a  toy! Landry chose a helicopter that flies and Isabella chose a “girly” dr. kit. These toys and books were very inexpensive, but the price did not matter at all to Isabella and Landry–this was such a fun family day! I loved this day that we all spent together and hope that it will turn into a tradition! Hope you each had a great “Presents” Day as well!

We also had such a fun Valentines’ weekend! On Thursday, we went to the Victorian Tea Party at the library! Isabella and Landry got all dressed up and we had the BEST time! Their picture made it onto the front page of the Lifestyles section of the Commercial Dispatch on Sunday! If I must say so myself–it was precious! Then on Friday, my mom had a party for her grandchilden at the Fashion Barn! It is so wonderful that I get to be with them during the day, and I am so appreciative that my mom goes above and beyond to do special things for them while they are at work with me! She plans activities, does projects with them, brings cookies to decorate, etc.  They are just like me—they LOVE Holidays! We make such a big deal over them and Valentines and Presents Day were no exception! Sam was so sweet–he got me some beautiful roses and let each baby pick something that they wanted to get for me for Valentines and I love what they chose! Isabella wanted to get me some “soft lotion” I thought that was so precious—she also got me some candy and a Tinkerbell card! Landry wanted to get me a bridge so I wouldnt ever have to walk in mud! How precious is that? Well, as you can imagine–WalMart was fresh out of bridges on Saturday–so he ended up getting me some candy and a Cars card! The sweetest part though is that on Sunday when we were getting out of the car for church–Landry and I had this conversation:  Landry said—is it muddy outside of our door mama?    And I said—well, even if it is–it doesnt matter—I will carry you! And he said–I tried to get you a bridge at WalMart where you wouldnt ever have to walk in the mud –but they didnt have any!   OHHHH!   My heart melted! I love those babies!


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Things are going great around here! This is just such a busy time of year! And poor Isabella and Landry have both been sick for the past few days! We are so thankful for good health, because this past week has been hard! Between them, we have been to the doctor 4 times in the past week! Between them we have had strep, bacterial infection, upper respiratory infection, fever, a terrible rash—plus the usual runny noses and bad coughs! They have been troopers though! It takes a lot to slow toddlers down!

Isabella and Landry are so precious and have the sweetest bond! They hold hands, check on each other, always want to get treats for the other, talk to each other all of the time, etc! Everytime we go to the doctor– the one going brings back the other one 2 stickers and a balloon!

Favorites these days include: playing outside, riding their new riding toys and bikes, playing on the swingset and trampoline, playdough, painting, drawing, coloring, baking cookies, (eating raw cookie dough–dont worry–I limit them) playing school, McDonalds, JumpnGs, Mi Hacienda, Curious George, sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, trains, and reading books! They also LOVE birthday parties! It is so sweet how they love celebrating and picking out gifs for people, etc! 

I also really admire preschool and kindergarten teachers– because I have been working really hard with Isabella and Landry on making sure they can count to a certain number, count items,  recognize certain letters, know their shapes and colors– along with things like take turns, be considerate, etc!—and I have no idea how you can teach 8 or 9 preschoolers all at once these things–It is so crazy when you start thinking about all of the things that we have to teach our children! What a huge responsibility and huge blessing!

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