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Easter Memories!

We had a fabulous Easter! I took tons of pictures and did lots of videoing! Maybe one day some pictures will make it on here! We started out on Thursday at an egg hunt with friends! It was here that I noticed Isabella passing over certain eggs! I started saying, Isabella–you passed one! Isabella pick up that big orange one!. . . etc” She kept saying no! I then walked over to her basket only to realize that she was only picking up pink and purple eggs!  She would not pick up anything else! She did not care about how many eggs she had as long as they were pink or purple! This continued all weekend at all of the other egg hunts! Landry even knew what she was doing so he picked up one that was 1 /2 purple and 1/2 yellow and tossed it in her basket trying to help her out! She rudely grabbed it out and threw it! She is hilarious!

Also this weekend, when we gave them their Easter presents–Isabella said to me, “Mama–did you get this at WalMart?” I told her that I did. She said,” Did you see this and say Ive got to get this for my girl?” She knows me too well! Landry was so cute this weekend too–I left some of the lights in the house on near where Isabella was still sleeping—Landry got up and ran to cut them off and said, “Mama cut the lights off–Isabella needs her rest!”

We also bought them some fishing poles this weekend. Sam took them fishing on Friday and Saturday! They loved it and caught several fish each! Landry even said that the fish must be hungry and threw the entire cricket bucket in the pond!  These kiddos keep us laughing!


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