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Update for the baby books!

It has been a long time since I posted, but things here are great! We have been staying super busy! Isabella and Landry are doing great! We pulled out old home videos the other day–they LOVED watching themselves and asked tons of questions while watching! Isabella especially enjoyed them! She wants to watch them all of the time now!

We went to the beach with my family for Father’s Day! We had a perfect time! The weather was great and the oil wasnt really there yet! Landry heard us talking about the oil so much that he was so concerned about it! On the days leading up to our trip, he asked me a hundred times if the men had the oil cleaned up yet! They both LOVED the sand this year which is quite a change this year for Isabella! Last year, she wouldnt a step a foot in it! They loved swimming at the pool, playing in the sand, pushing the luggage carts to our room and back downstairs a hundred times, sitting on the balcony, and looking for crabs (especially Landry) They both liked the ocean and waves, but neither of them just LOVED getting in the ocean! They are both very good travelers–we take tons of books, snacks, color wonder, etc and they are totally content! (Thank goodness) Our last 2 tvs for the car broke, so we bought another one for these summer trips–they got so excited when they got in the car and saw tvs! Isabella even walked by our car one day at the condo –and she wanted to stop and peek in our car to make sure the tvs were still there! 

We have the best time with them! They are so funny and ask so many questions! It is truly amazing! Isabella asked me just the other day what God looked like! Who can help me explain that to a 3 year old?

We had a fabulous 4th! They LOVE fireworks–especially sparklers (sometimes called sprinklers) We went to visit some friends in Hattiesburg–we ate and ate, went swimming, did sidewalk chalk, “Just Dance” on Wii (funnest ever), rode scooters, fireworks, and stayed up late every night! We had a ball spending time with our sweet friends and relaxing with our family! 

Favorites these days include: all stuffed animals (both of my kids LOVE stuffed animals), playing outside,  puzzles, markers and coloring and painting, baking and decorating cookies, riding toys (bikes, Gators, etc) sidewalk chalk, bubbles, books, playdough, playing school and dr, playing on the swing set         Isabella loves all things girly:barbies, baby dolls, putting stuff in her purses, dressing up and dancing, she also LOVES running. It is adorable–she will say things like–Lets go in the big yard so I can run a long way! She also loves birds. It is precious–she is always spotting birds!    Landry of course loves trucks, anykind of ball, dogs, digging in the dirt, and helping Sam with anykind of yard project! 

They both love watching Caillou (he is so whiny though that we can only handle him in small doses), Dora, Diego, Hip Hop Harry, Max and Ruby, Curious George, and all Leap Frog videos.

I LOVE reading to my kids and they love it too! We have a huge collection of childrens books but are always looking for more! I would love for any of you to comment and tell me what books you or your kids love! Hope you are all having a great summer!


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