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I just love reading everyones’ blogs –both people I know and perfect strangers–but for some reason always forget to update ours!! I have all of these funny things my kids say written on random post its around the house! Unfortunately most of the funny stuff they say I can not even remember until I get to the paper and pen! Isabella and Landry are such a joy and blessing! They keep me smiling all day long! As I always say–where does the time go?? They will be 4 in December–so we are gearing up for their big birthday party! They love going to birthday parties and buying gifts for people–so I think they will REALLY enjoy their birthday this year!

They had a great Halloween–they were Jesse and Woody! Absloutely precious!!  I have 3 memory sticks of pictures full–one of these days those pictures will make it to the computer –that will probably be the day I get their baby books written in!!

Favorites these days are Curious George and Caillou! Sam can not stand for them to watch “whiny” Caillou! We DVR it everyday and Sam deletes it every night!! We have also started letting them watch a couple of movies–they liked Toy Story! They LOVE preschool! Their teacher is absolutely precious! They play, have group time, snack, art, go outside, lunch, and nap! I can not wait to pick them up! I watch the clock until time to leave work and get them! They still go with me to work when they are not at school– and it still works great!~ They love Holidays! They get all into decorating for Holidays, buying treats for people, and baking cookies! They also love the library–we try to go to all of the local activities they have at our library that we can go to–At the library and occasionally at work they get to play on the computer and they LOVE this! Its a habit that I am not wanting to start! They love playing outside! 

Now just something I like to remember–you can skip this part–their favorite foods these days are: Landry loves waffles, cookie dough, reeces cups, vegetable soup, all fruit, chicken salad, m&ms(both kinds), corn souffle, popsicles, hamburgers, and will try anything!! Isabella is still a little more picky and only likes what she likes but she eats very healthy! Her favorites include: cheerios, all fruit, cookie dough, reeces cups, plain m&ms, vegetable soup and cornbread, fried porkchops, chicken nuggets, and hamburgers! Isabella also is so interested in soccer and LOVES swinging! She is finally potty trained–she is so funny–when she has to go she says, “Mama–you know” and thats all she says! Its hilarious-she doesnt say she has to go to the bathroom–just you know!  

I am sure there is so much more to update on –but the busiest time of year is here and I need to get off of the computer and get a few things done before bed (being that its already midnight! ha!) Happy Thanksgiving!


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