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December/January Update!!

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Isabella and Landry turned 4 on the 27th of December! They had a fabulous birthday! At the beginning of December, we took them to Build-A-Bear! They loved it! They both made a reindeer! Then we had their actual party on the 9th of December at Jumpin’ Gs! Lots of their friends came! It was a great party–The theme was Castles and Construction! It was fun to have a boy and girl themed party all in 1! Their actual birthday fell on a Monday so I was off that day and Sam was still off for Christmas break–so we got to go to Tupelo as a family and go to Chuck E Cheese! They loved that too! They felt so special and loved and received so many gifts! On the way to Tupelo I heard Landry say to Isabella–“We are so lucky”  It was priceless!

They really enjoyed the snow on Christmas Day and the snow we had after that! They LOVED playing in the snow!! We sledded down hills—they both liked that! Isabella loved throwing snow balls and Landry loved riding his gator in the snow! They both liked making snow angels! Neither really liked riding behind the 4 wheeler on the sled!

They are at such a fun age! They love being read too. They both love doing art projects. Love watching Curious George, Caillou, Clifford, Thomas (the talking one), Dora and Diego, and Isabella likes Toddlers and Tiaras!  They ask such serious questions and want everything explained to them in full detail! Isabella is as girly as ever and Landry is all boy! He loves balls, trucks, trains, etc and she loves babies, clothes, barbie, and polly pockets. I love how Landry laughs out loud when he watches tv. I love how Isabella loves the little girl mannequin at Old Navy. She always puts her arm around her and wants their picture made! I love watching them during bathtime. When they think Im not watching they act like they are playing “celebration ball and wedding” (thats what they call it) and they reinact scenes from Beauty and the Beast.  They are hilarious! They get along amazingly well!

They enjoy school and love their friends! They love going to birthday parties and helping me wraps the gifts for them! They also love checking books out from the library. I love watching how they treat these books so carefully!

Favorite foods for Landry are honey nut cheerios, waffles, vegetable soup, REECES CUPS are his favorite, coke, all fruit, corn souffle, sour peanuts, oatmeal — and Isabellas favorites: all fruit, plain cheerios, chicken tenders, any kind of meat, cake with no icing, plain m&ms, sour peanuts, reeces cups, ham sandwiches, vegetable soup and cornbread!   

Well, just wanted to update so I can remember all of these details in the months to come!! Hope you are all doing great! Happy New Year!!


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