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November Already?!?!

Things are great here! Since I havent updated since the Summer–I thought I should do a little catch up! Isabella and Landry are going to preschool 2 days a week where they went last year! They love their teacher so much this year too! They do the most precious art projects and work sheets –and I just love picking them up and looking through all of their stuff! Then they like to go to the gas station on the way back to work and get treats!! They are both playing soccer for the 1st time. When they played tball this summer they were on the same team–but boys and girls are not on the same team in soccer! Isabella’s teams soccer shirts are white and black–so we call them the Zebras!! We have a great team and they have so much fun! Her last game is tomorrow night–and she is sad that the season is over! Landrys team has blue shirts but we never came up with a name for his team (besides the actual name–Columbus Motor)  He has a few more games–he hustles really well and hes made several goals!! It has been so fun!

Halloween was great! Isabella was The Statue of Liberty and Landry was Uncle Sam! They were adorable!! We went to several trunk or treats at our church and some of our friends churches! We also participated in the Boo Parade downtown on Halloween morning and they got their picture made for the paper–it was such a cute picture! We were so excited!!

They are looking forward to Christmas and their bday already! This year they want their party to be themed Monster Trucks and Baby Dolls–which is exactly what they are in to!! Landry LOVES monster trucks, playing make believe, playing any kind of ball outside, riding his bike, being read to, and doing art! Isabella loves all things girly–jewelry, clothes, makeup, running errands with me, art, dolls and barbies, playing library, and swinging!! 

They are such blessings and are soo precious. Happy Fall!


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