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Presents’ Day!

On Monday, when Isabella woke up–Sam told her it was President’s Day but since it sounded like Presents’ Day–she should be able to get a present! I was off of work on Monday so as soon as Sam got home—we had a family day! We went out to eat– and then went to a couple of different stores so Isabella and Landry could get a couple of small presents! They each got a new book and then each got to choose a  toy! Landry chose a helicopter that flies and Isabella chose a “girly” dr. kit. These toys and books were very inexpensive, but the price did not matter at all to Isabella and Landry–this was such a fun family day! I loved this day that we all spent together and hope that it will turn into a tradition! Hope you each had a great “Presents” Day as well!

We also had such a fun Valentines’ weekend! On Thursday, we went to the Victorian Tea Party at the library! Isabella and Landry got all dressed up and we had the BEST time! Their picture made it onto the front page of the Lifestyles section of the Commercial Dispatch on Sunday! If I must say so myself–it was precious! Then on Friday, my mom had a party for her grandchilden at the Fashion Barn! It is so wonderful that I get to be with them during the day, and I am so appreciative that my mom goes above and beyond to do special things for them while they are at work with me! She plans activities, does projects with them, brings cookies to decorate, etc.  They are just like me—they LOVE Holidays! We make such a big deal over them and Valentines and Presents Day were no exception! Sam was so sweet–he got me some beautiful roses and let each baby pick something that they wanted to get for me for Valentines and I love what they chose! Isabella wanted to get me some “soft lotion” I thought that was so precious—she also got me some candy and a Tinkerbell card! Landry wanted to get me a bridge so I wouldnt ever have to walk in mud! How precious is that? Well, as you can imagine–WalMart was fresh out of bridges on Saturday–so he ended up getting me some candy and a Cars card! The sweetest part though is that on Sunday when we were getting out of the car for church–Landry and I had this conversation:  Landry said—is it muddy outside of our door mama?    And I said—well, even if it is–it doesnt matter—I will carry you! And he said–I tried to get you a bridge at WalMart where you wouldnt ever have to walk in the mud –but they didnt have any!   OHHHH!   My heart melted! I love those babies!


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Things are going great around here! This is just such a busy time of year! And poor Isabella and Landry have both been sick for the past few days! We are so thankful for good health, because this past week has been hard! Between them, we have been to the doctor 4 times in the past week! Between them we have had strep, bacterial infection, upper respiratory infection, fever, a terrible rash—plus the usual runny noses and bad coughs! They have been troopers though! It takes a lot to slow toddlers down!

Isabella and Landry are so precious and have the sweetest bond! They hold hands, check on each other, always want to get treats for the other, talk to each other all of the time, etc! Everytime we go to the doctor– the one going brings back the other one 2 stickers and a balloon!

Favorites these days include: playing outside, riding their new riding toys and bikes, playing on the swingset and trampoline, playdough, painting, drawing, coloring, baking cookies, (eating raw cookie dough–dont worry–I limit them) playing school, McDonalds, JumpnGs, Mi Hacienda, Curious George, sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, trains, and reading books! They also LOVE birthday parties! It is so sweet how they love celebrating and picking out gifs for people, etc! 

I also really admire preschool and kindergarten teachers– because I have been working really hard with Isabella and Landry on making sure they can count to a certain number, count items,  recognize certain letters, know their shapes and colors– along with things like take turns, be considerate, etc!—and I have no idea how you can teach 8 or 9 preschoolers all at once these things–It is so crazy when you start thinking about all of the things that we have to teach our children! What a huge responsibility and huge blessing!

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Christmas and 3 years old!

We had such a fun Christmas! Isabella and Landry LOVED everything about it! They loved the parties, good food and fun treats, giving and of course receiving gifts, decorations, looking at lights, decorating cookies, etc! I loved watching them enjoy all of these things, hearing how excited they were about everything, cuddling up on the couch every night and watching a movie (Charlie Browns Christmas, Twas the Night before Christmas, Flinstones Christmas, etc)  Checking my mail after work everyday was also one of my favorite parts! I love Christmas cards and have them hanging all around our doors and am in NO hurry to take them down or to take down our decorations!

And today my babies turned 3! They had their party early, but birthdays are big deals around here so we have pretty much celebrated off and on the whole month! They got to pick where they wanted to have their birthday lunch today and of course they picked Mi Haciendo! Or as they call it–“Haciendo”  I knew they would pick that or “Old McDonalds” as they call it! Between both of their Christmas and both of their birthdays we have so many toys in this house that you can barely walk! And the funny part is that Sam and I do not really go crazy at Christmas buying gifts—but we have fabulous families that live in town that do! From our garage to our dining room to our living room to our playroom–we have a beauty shop, train, cars and trucks, lots of educational toys (books, movies, cards, games, etc) a  twins double stroller, baby highchair, carseat, pack n play, etc, cleaning trolley, sand box, art supplies, new bikes and helmets –and then for their birthdays they each got a scooter and Landry got a Gator and Isabella got a Princess SUV riding toys! We are set for the next few years! They have been going from toy to toy and having a ball! Isabella is so funny. Bless her heart, she learned very quickly what would happen if you asked can you have another gift! On the way to each party, she would say, “Now brother-you dont ask for presents—if you do–they get taken away!”

They LOVE their birthday! I can not tell you how many times today they have been sang to together and separately!

Jus some updates (so I can keep up with things)  Curious George is the favorite tv show for both of them right now—They also both like Sid the Science Kid and Cat in the Hat and Landry loves Diego and Dinasour Train! Isabella loves all things girly—Thumbelina, Angelina Ballerina, Madeline, Barbie as Rapunzel, Barbie and The Nutcracker, etc! She loves Club Crackers—I can not tell you how many she eats a day–it is my #1 question for their dr at their well baby checkup—she eats so many it concerns me! She also loves plain Cheerios and Landry loves Honey Nut Cheerios! But neither child likes milk–they eat them plain!  They call them Bella’s kind and Brother’s kind! She loves plain hamburgers and he loves plain cheeseburgers. It is funny how they are soo much alike, yet soo different! She has started drinking something besides water–she started liking applejuice out of nowhere! Landry loves sweets and would eat as much as we would let him!  His favorite foods are sweets especially chocolate, Corn Souffle, Chicken Salad, bananas, honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon (these cost a fortune this time of year but you hate to not buy them for them) icecream, plain cheeseburgers, and chips and salsa and either tacos or refried beans! Isabella’s favorites include: Club crackers,  cheerios, vegetable soup, black eyed peas, club crackers, all of the friuts mentioned for Landry plus apples for her, club crackers, grilled chicken, and chips-not salsa! Oh–she also loves sweettarts!

They both love being read to (especially Isabella) and they both love painting, coloring, and playdough!

They went to see their 1st movie last weekend! Princess and the Frog–kind of scary for their 1st–and what is funny is I have been waiting or at least 6 months watching for a G rated movie that did not look weird or scary in the least bit! The previews obviously did not include the voodoo parts! As soon as the previews started–both babies started screaming so loud that we had to take them out! Sam managed to get Isabella back in after the movie started and I got Landry in the door of the theatre—we got to where you could see the screen and sat in the floor! He finally got warmed up to it, and we got to go sit on our seats! It was an experience! We actually had a great time though! It cost $28 dollars to get in and about $30 for the food! We were obviously determined to stay until the end! Needless to say–we will probably wait a little while before going back to the movies! Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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Things have been busy around here! We had an incredible Thanksgivng week! Of course, Sam was off all week so Isabella and Landry got to stay home with him all week and enjoy playing outside, etc! This was a fun change of pace for them! We have also done lots of firsts this week! We started off the week by going to Birmingham and visiting friends last Sunday! We took all of the little ones to the McWaine Center! It was great! (our friends have a set of twins as well!) Landry petted a shark! It was a bonnethead shark–I wasnt going near it, but he loved it and petted it everytime it swam by! We also took Isabella and Landry bowling for the first time this week! They LOVED it! OF course I have tons of cute pictures–but they will not be posted until our computer gets fixed and until I have another playdate with Candace! We went back to Birmingham today and took our babies to The Polar Express! We loved it! We rode the train to the “North Pole”, ate cookies and drank chocolate milk, had our pictures with Santa, Mrs Clause and the elves, and each child got a bell and an onament! It was great!

Thanksgiving was fabulous as well! We ate with Sam’s family the night before Thanksgiving, and had a non-traditional meal –a shrimp boil! Or as Isabella calls them “crimp” She talks very well—but I have noticed lately several words that she says with different beginnings!  Santa Clause is Hanta Clause (for both of my babies) And Isabella sometimes calls a train –a crain! Sam bought her a play iron the other day—and she “irons” everything around the house–except she calls it “erns” It is too cute! We had Thanksgiving with my family and enjoyed eating too much and hanging out with all of our cousins, etc! We also had a playdate with our sweet friends the Sassers this week! This has been such a fun week, and we have sooo much to be thankful for!

Here comes Christmas and my babies 3rd birthday! It is going to be a Cat in the Hat themed party! My babies are so excited! Landry is most excited about blowing his candles  out! Have a wonderful month!


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As I start off every entry–time flies! Seriously–where does the time go? Things have been busy around here! We’ve been busy at work. Christmas Open House is this weekend and we are so excited! It is funny because this is the 1st year that my babies have been really old enough to get really excited about a Holiday and to know what is going on.  And for Halloween, they were Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Suess –Cat in the Hat. They were so anxious to wear their costumes and get candy! There is always a little “boo parade” each year downtown for all of the businesses, but that also happened to be the day everyone was putting out Christmas decorations because of Open House being the next weekend! My babies were seeing Jack-o-lanterns and Christmas decorations everywhere downtown –so needless to say they have been kind of getting the holidays a little confused! They loved their costumes,and loved talking about them throughout the days before Halloween! They loved telling people who they were going to be! We love reading Cat in the Hat (especially Isabella) Their 3rd birthday party is even going to be Cat in the Hat themed!

Isabella loves reading, playing with playdough, eating smarties, dancing, all girly things, singing, and loves playing with her babies! She has just started carrying around this baby doll with her. I think it is precious! Just today while we were riding down the road, she was in the backseat talking to her. This was her exact quote, “Baby–You have got the most beautiful hair and your eyes are so cute!”  She is so expressive and I just love watching her tell stories. Her and Landry both are definitely good at giving compliments—they each tell me several times a day—-“Mama, You are my best friend and you are so beautiful!” They are good for my self esteem! 🙂 They are so sweet to each other too! The other day when Isabella was crying–Landry said, “Whats wrong with my best friend Bella?” Except he pronounces the ll as w. Landry loves playing with cars and trucks! He is 100% boy! He loves talking about tractors and dumptrucks. He also loves playing ball. He loves football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis–you name it! He also likes playdough, being outside, riding his bike, throwing rocks in the water, and dogs! (Isabella does not like dogs at all) Funny how they are so alike and so different! They both love bubble baths, coloring and drawing, singing, and our newest favorite is watching Barney! They are borderline obsessed!

Sorry for the random information that I put in my entries–but since this is the closest thing I have to a baby book–it will have to do! –Isabella weighs 29 lbs and is 36 in tall and Landry weighs 31 lbs and is 37 in tall. Isabella was sick a couple of weeks ago (10/19–on Sams birthday) It was either a viral infection or the flu—dr. was never exactly sure—but from that week on Isabella has been in LOVE with club crackers—I am telling you the truth when I say that she was eating at least 40 a day! It was unreal! She would eat them right when she woke up, with her breakfast, for her snack, with her lunch, for her afternoon snack, with her dinner, and before bed—you get the picture! It was unreal–she still loves them but has slowed down on them a little! I was afraid she had a sodium deficiency or something–I even asked the dr. about it!

Well, I will seriously post some pictures soon–we have been having some computer problems and I have not been doing anything with my trillions of pictures! Happy Fall!

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The weather was awesome today! A little break from the rain and cool weather equals a trip to the Pumpkin Patch! We had a ball! We normally have Small Group at our house on Sunday nights, but we didn’t have it tonight–so we had some family fun! Landry and Isabella both loved the hayride, and they loved getting to fill our wagons up with the pumpkins they wanted to buy! Of course when I mentioned that one of the types of pumpkins we saw was called “Cinderella Pumpkins”  –Isabella was hooked! That was the kind she wanted! She loves all of the Disney princesses! Cinderella and Belle are a tie for first love! So we left with lots of pumpkins,  gourds, squash–all kinds of great fall stuff! DId I mention that I love this time of year?

Landry is all pottytrained! Special thanks to my friend Tori–when I told her how well he did with using the potty, she encouraged me to just start putting underwear on him all of the time! And the next day we did! And that was the day he was pottytrained! (Sept 30–just for my records!) He did unbelievable! He has had just a few accidents –It has really been amazing! We will start on Isabella next–we keep saying “maybe next week”! She is as smart as she can be–I am just not sure she is ready to be pottytrained!

Isabella and Landry both love playing school-it is so cute! They have actually learned most all of their shapes this way! They can not draw them all— but they can say them! They can draw a line and circle–and pretend to draw a triangle, square, oval, and rectangle! Isabella loves for us to read to her–especially “the cat in the hat”! They love the same foods as last post but now we can add reeces peanut butter cups to the list! They love them! They also love baking cookies (we do slice and bake–does that count?) and putting m&ms in them!

Hope you are all doing great! Remember that October is Child Abuse Prevention month and say a prayer for all of those precious children!

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September is here! Time flies! Time to start getting ready for fall! I have already caught myself thinking about Halloween costumes, Christmas cards, and a big 3rd birthday party! Crazy to think that in a few months we will have 2 three year olds! 

Isabella and Landry are doing great! Landry is doing great at using the potty and Isabella is showing a little interest! We are no where near being potty trained though! And the funniest thing is that it doesn’t bother me at all! It probably should–but I can see that all signs of my babies are being quickly replaced with a big boy and girl–and it makes me want to slow down time! However, since they are growing so fast–I should probably get it in gear and work on potty training! I find that the m&ms we buy for potty rewards get eaten by me each night!

We had a great Labor Day weekend–we went to Chuck E Cheese, the playground in the Tupelo mall, a twins club party, played outside, went fishing at my parents’ neighbors, rode the golfcart and horseswing at my parents, and just enjoyed being together!

Isabella is so funny when it comes to what she will eat! Tonight she wanted to go to McDonalds and get a hamburger—And this is what she said, “I want to go to OLD McDonalds and get a MEATburger!” She is very specific that she only wants meat on her meatburger!

Lately they are loving all kinds of flashcards, WordWorld block set, playdough, drawing lines and circles with sidewalk chalk, playing dressup,  books, singing, riding their “bikes”, being outside,  and fruitsnacks! Landry loves “playing trucks in his room”, ball, and going to Jump n Gs! Isabella loves dancing, getting her nails polished, all things pink and purple, and putting stuff in bags and carrying it around!! They also love taking bubble baths, brushing their teeth, and taking vitamins! They are always trying to get me to give them more than one a day! And they both love going to WalMart!

Favorite foods these days are: Isabella–sausage, pizza, meatburgers and french fries, black eyes peas, cornbread, grapes, tacos, mandarin oranges, m&ms, choc chip cookies, blueberries,  chicken, strawberries, honey oat bars, and fruitsnacks! 

Landry–waffles,  chicken salad, corn souffle, grapes, watermelon, m&ms, beans, choc chip cookies, icecream sandwiches, fruit snacks, choc. fiber bars, tacos, cheeseburgers and french fries, pears, and pineapples! They both love chips at mexican restaurants and Landry loves the salsa!

It is funny how they both have their own taste~ We have always only given them water to drink in their sippy cups  and that is ALL Isabella wants! We can not get her to even taste anything else! She will not taste milk, tea, coke, juice, or anything! Landry on the other hand will drink anything he can get his hands on! He always wants a sip or our coke or tea!

They take one nap a day from 1:30 to about 4:00 and go to sleep around 9:00 each night! Well, I think I am all caught up on my “baby book” for the month! Hopefully, we will post pictures soon! Happy September!

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Funny Story!

Isabella and Landry say the funniest things! And I have the most terrible memory and can not half remember them all! Luckily, I remembered how this one went long enough to get it documented! Isabella and I were talking about the show on TLC called Toddlers and Tiaras. We call it “Girls Dancing”  Anyway, she was sitting beside Landry and said, “I like watching Girls Dancing” And Landry said, “I like watching ballgames!” She said, “No Brother! Ballgames are yucky!” And Landry leaned over to her so sweet and said, “No Bella! We like ballgames! They’re good for ya!”  It was so hilarious!

Landry and Isabella both had strep throat last week! They were both so sick! We went to the dr. twice with Landry and once with Isabella! They are both feeling much better this week!

My mom is still doing better! She is getting stronger everyday! Hope you are all doing great and having a great week!

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Just a quick update! My mom is doing good. She seems to be a little better everyday! She still is in much pain and has a long way to go, but she seems to get a little stronger everyday! Thanks for all of the calls, cards, concern, and prayers!

Isabella and Landry are doing great! Funnier everyday! Their favorites things to do currently are to play with their new Melissa and Doug cookie set! (It is the coolest toy!–comes with cookie sheet, cookies, toppings, spatula, knife, and hot pot holder) They also love play dough, bubbles (especially Landry), coloring, baking real cookies with me, playing outside, baths, walking to our neighbors bridge and throwing rocks, and fireworks!  Landry loves pretending he is fishing. He also loves playing ball, wearing his John Deere hat, his collection of stuffed dogs especially one named Charlie Brown, playing with his trucks and motorcycle, and looking at his truck book. Isabella loves babies, tea sets, barbies, painting her nails, the colors pink and purple, and all things girly! They also love books, puzzles, dancing, singing, and windexing when they are at work with me! It is amazing to watch how they already know how to pretend and imagine things! They always pretend they are going to Memphis! Not sure how that started but they are always talking to each other about going to Memphis!

They say the funniest things. We were riding down the road the other day and Landry was looking at the bottom of his feet. Out of nowhere, he told me that he had grocery store feet! The other night we were talking about going for haircuts and Isabella said, “I not cut my hair. It too pretty!” Not sure where they get these things!

They went to the dentist for another checkup this week. Landry has all of his teeth in and Isabella has 4 molars to go!

They both are currently loving watermelon and canteloupe! And I do too, so that is fine with me! They love eating out–epsecially Mexican—again, I do too! Landry loves sweet things like me and Isabella will hardly try them! She is so funny. She will not try ANYHING to drink except water! Not milk, not juice, not tea, not anything! No idea where she gets that from!

I can not believe my babies will be 3 this year! Where does the time go?

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Prayers for my Mom!

Just an update to tell you that my mom (Joanne Beaty)  had her hip replaced yesterday! She is doing great! They had her up and walking a few hours after surgery! Please keep her in your prayers during her recovery! She does so much for everyone, so now it is time for her to rest and let us take care of her!

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