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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I love Spring! I know when Fall comes and when Christmas comes–I say that is the most wonderful time of year too! But there is just something about all of these gorgeous spring flowers coming up in our front flower bed, the warm sunshine, birds chirping, spring clothes (ive gone nuts this season buying them for my babies), cadbury eggs, my birthday, Easter, and daylight savings time! Love it! We have had a fabulous week too! It is Sam’s Spring Break and I managed to get a couple of days off too! We have had some fun! We went to Birmingham to visit old friends and we went to the Tupleo Buffalo Park and Zoo! We had a ball on both trips! We had never been to the Buffalo Park and we loved it! There were pony rides, a petting zoo, huge playground, and a bus ride to feed the zebra, buffalo, and the camel named Joe! It was a very hands-on place! Sam had the camel and buffalo literally eating out of his hands! I was digging in my bag for the clorox wipes while trying to video and take pictures of the whole experience!  One of the funniest parts to me was that they really have an animal called a ZeeDonk! It is a cross between a Zebra and Donkey! I think I have seen it all now!

Isabella and Landry are doing great! They are hilarious! I can not even remember all of the funny stuff they say long enough to write it all down! They have loved being at home with Sam this week! They have been playing t ball in the front yard, riding their gators and bikes, playing in the sandbox, putting up birdhouses, getting ready to plant a garden, reading, and playing school! Sam took them to Story Hour this week at the library and they got to participate in Show and Tell for the 1st time! Isabella took her Hello Kitty and Landry took his CharlieBrown (stuffed brown dog that he LOVES) Sam recorded it on his phone for me because I was at work–they were precious!

Just a few funny sayings from the past week:

Isabella was looking at a painting the other day of “girly” stuff with the saying Sugar and Spice and everything nice–thats what little girls are made of! And Landry said–I want a boy painting with Spiderman on it! And Isabella said, “Boys are not made of Spiderman—ya’ll are snails and shells and puppydog tails!” I have no idea how she knew that! Also on the way to the hotel in Birmingham–Landry kept calling it the Show-n-Tell! Are we almost to the Show N Tell? Do we really get to jump on the bed at the Show N Tell? Isabella corrected him and said, “It is called a hotel brother!”

Also this is just a side note so I will remember—Landry always wants to eat oatmeal but calls it yogurt! Somehow we know what he is talking about! Isabella wants bacon for breakfast but calls it ham! Landry orders a wrap at Mexican restaurants, but we know he means soft taco with just beef and cheese!

Favorite foods right now: Isabella—vegetable soup, rolls, cornbread, black eyed peas, club crackers (still just wants 3 at a time) bacon, sausage, cheerios, grapes, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, spaghetti, reeces peanut butter eggs, chips at the mexican restaurant, and grilled or fried chicken, hamburgers, french fries, cantaloupe, watermelon and has actually started drinking something besides just water–she will drink applejuice too!

Landry—cheerios, waffles, eggs, corn souffle, vegetable soup, rolls, cornbread, red beans and rice, macaroni and cheese, corn, all fruits are the same as Isabellas, any thing we will let him have a sip of (coke, tea, water, milk, rootbeer, diet drinks–not picky when it come to liquids!  dont worry–we dont let him have these–just sips of ours!) hamburgers, french fries, reeces peanut butter eggs, popsicles, chicken tenders, peas, and oatmeal! Landry is not near as picky as Isabella–she will really not eat sweets—just mainly the peanut butter eggs and m&ms—Landry loves all sweets! Oh–and they both love chocolate chip cookie dough! They love eating it and baking cookies!

Sorry–this got kind of lengthy–just trying to get it down so I will remember it all! Have a fabulous week!


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