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Music to My Ears!

Proverbs 31:28 Her children arise and call her blessed! Lets clarify–I am in no way calling myself the Proverbs 31 woman! But in honor of Mother’s Day week–I wanted to remind myself and share with you how precious my children are! They know my “Love Language” is Words of Affirmation because I have got the 2 sweetest talking kids ever! They take the words of this Bible verse literal! I can not tell you how many times a day Landry comes up to me, puts his arms around my neck and says, “you’re pretty, wonderful, and you’re a princess!” Exact quote! And it is just so precious to hear him say that! He always has a precious smile and sparkle in his eyes when he says it too–like it’s the 1st time he has ever said it! And all of the time, Isabella tells me, “Mama–You’re Beautiful” Of course this has nothing to do with how I look–it is their way of telling me that they love me! Isabella often times hugs her baby doll and says, “She fits perfectly in my arms and I fit perfectly in yours!” These are not things that I have taught them to say–but it is truly an honor to know that they feel free to show their emotions to me in such an incredible way!

Landry is so thankful–everytime I give him anything –he says, “Oh–Tanks Mama!” I love the way he says “Tanks” Or if we are in a store and he gets a new toothbrush and some candy–he says things like–“I get them  both? Tanks Mama!” Or even if it is a treat like a new ball and a necessity like new vitamins, he says the same thing! And Isabella says, “Ive wanted this forever!” Showing their love and gratitude in such an unfiltered way is how I strive to be! What a gift that they are able to do this already! The older we get, we seem to loose it! I can only imagine how God would feel if we expressed our love and gratitude to him in this way daily!

So in honor of Mother’s Day–I wanted to share how thankful I am! I am thankful that I have such a wonderful, Godly mother. She taught us generosity and compassion, and I hope I am able to pass these things down to my children! She is also a wonderful grandparent. She is so loving, caring, interested, fair, and fun! I could not ask for a better mother! I also have a fabulous mother in law. She is so good to me and treats me just like I am her daughter! I am so blessed! I do pray that I will be a wonderful, energetic, compassionate mother!

Prayers and blessings to all of you that have been mothers for 80 years and to all of you that are still waiting! God has enormous plans for you too! Sam and I waited many many years for our little blessings and God truly gave us more than we could have asked for or imagined! So be encouraged–your time will come and your little blessing will have been so worth the wait! Until then, I know you are being a great example to people around you whether it be church member, coworker, or neighbor!

So whether you are a new mom or been a mom for what seems like forever–happy mothers day to you! During the temper tantrums, dirty diapers ,dirty dishes, and busy schedules–may we all see the ways that our children are “rising up and calling us blessed!”


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