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Time for an update on my “babies”  We are doing great! Isabella and Landry are loving preschool! Their teacher is precious, and I love hearing them talk about their friends! There is a total of 8 in their class! The art projects they bring home are adorable! Its precious at night when they tell me what they want me to pack for their lunch!  They are both very particular about their stuff! 

They are also playing t-ball! They play for the Red Sox! We got their adorable uniforms this week! They both really enjoy the practices! Games start in a couple of weeks! We went back and forth as to if they were too young to play–but since this is the only year it is co-ed–we chose to go for it! Isabella is kind of shy sometimes–and only sometimes? but i just knew she may never play by herself so I thought this would be the year to go for it!!

We have been at home for a couple of days because they both have strep throat! We missed their very 1st school pictures today! And pet day was today—we were going to take Sam’s mom’s new 1 pound puppy named Bitty! We will just have take it next week now! My kids LOVE this puppy–even Isabella who for some reason has a fear of all dogs!

Isabella is really into art these days! She loves coloring and drawing–and to be honest she is very talented! She says she wants to be an artist when she grows up! Yesterday someone said something about when she grows up –and I said she is going to be an artist! Isabella said, “Well actually I dont know for sure–I still have plenty of time to decide!” Landry doesnt know what he wants to do–but he thinks it will involve fighting fires, playing ball, and driving construction vehicles! He is all boy! It is amazing how my kids are so much alike and so different! ALL boy and ALL girl!  Isabella loves playing babies, paper dolls, artsy stuff, having her nails polished, picking out clothes and accessories, must have a bow in her hair at all times, and watching (as she says) “girlish” stuff on tv! Landry is totally into balls, all sports, building stuff, his collection of stuffed puppies and his  “tshirt collection” He collects all kinds of tshirts — has them in a drawer– and wants to show everyone that comes over his collection –and is all the time in there picking ones to put on! He loves trains, cars, and playing with all of his construction vehicles! So as you see –they are totally different and then they are totally alike in many more ways! They have a bond like I have never seen and I am so thankful for it! They watch out for each other. They love the same shows on tv–Wild Kratts, Curious George, Bubble Guppies, Chuggington, Thomas, Clifford, and Max and Ruby! They love tv, being read to, playing school, playing veterinarian, and playing outside!!

Landry got sick with strep the day before Isabella–therefore he went to the dr 1st! So he knew when he heard Isabella was going to the dr that a shot was coming her way! He is so precious–he came into the room where I was–he was crying–and said “Mama-you know my Bella doesnt like shots–you know she doesnt like them! I just cant see her getting one–please dont make her go!” He is very protective of her! 

A few weeks ago we were talking about how good they both can swing on the swingset (push themselves) I said —where did yall learn to swing so good? Isabella said, “I watched the girls at school and taught myself” Landry said, “I watched my Bella and she taught me. My Bella is such a good teacher!”

Isabella and Landry get to be in a wedding this summer and we are soo excited! It has been fun hearing them talk about the wedding! I wish I could remember all of the funny stuff they say–I will have to post more often–because unfortunately I cant remember from day to day all of these precious details!!


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