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Sayings I want to remember!

My sweet “babies” started preschool 2 days a week! They have been sooo excited about it for months–we always play school and they love it! However, Monday night when they were laying in their beds and they knew the next morning they would be starting school– they had this conversation (as I stood outside their door with tears in my eyes):

Isabella–“Brother I didnt know tomorrow was going to be the day we start school–do you want to go? Because I dont!”

Landry–“Its ok Bella–you can stay at MeMe’s if you want.” (Sam’s mom)

Isabella–“Im nervous”

Landry–“Im nervous too!”

Oh.My.Word! They were making me so sad—the next morning they were sooo nervous and told me they didnt want to go! We got there and they went right in their room (Landry quicker then Isabella) and did not even cry! I was the only one crying that day! They loved it and had the best day!

This morning we had this conversation:

Isabella woke up and said “Where are we going today?”

 I said: “Where do you want to go?”

Isabella said:”Are we going to school?”

I said:”Today you go with me to work and then tomorrow you go to school”

Isabella said:”So I go to Fashion Barn, home, bed, school”

Landry woke up and said:”Where are we going today?”

I said:”Where do you want to go?”

Landry said:”Slip n Dip” (a local swimming place—totally not what Iexpected)

Tonight at church their teacher told me  that she was asking them things they were afraid of–she said no one in the room would say anything—the teacher said so no one is afraid of anything? She said Isabella said, No because Jesus is with is whereever we go!” (Yay!!! She has been listening!)

Landry has a tiger pillow that says “Jesus is wild about me”  My mom asked him what it said and he said, “Jesus is wild like me”

This morning Isabella was sitting in the recliner with a stuffed animal and sippy cup—I said “Can Landry and I sit with you or do we need to sit on the couch?” She said–“On the couch because this is my recipe for fun!” (Not sure what that meant but thought it was  so cute)

We had been out of town for several days and then my parents were out of town for several days—Isabella and I stopped by their house to see them for the !st time in over a week and my mom said, “Isabella–you have grown a foot!” Isabella stopped and quickly looked down at her feet! She thought she had really grown another foot!

We were riding down the road the other day and Landry said, “Mama turn right when you get to this church” And that was correct! How did he know that?

The other night at a restaurant Isabella put a fork up by Sams forehead and told him he looked like a Picasso Head! How does she know about Picasso?

I just had to put down a few of their funny sayings before I forgot them!


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